Oct 5 th, 2017
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5 Best PHP Frameworks

5 Best PHP Frameworks cover

By: Marium Khan,

PHP is one of the Programming language, which is widely used by webmasters to develop websites and myriad web applications. It is a well-known server-side scripting language due to its simplicity. Websites like Facebook, WordPress are utilizing the PHP for maintaining and developing their internal system. More than 80% of the websites are based on the PHP, which represents that the knowledge of the language is indispensable at least in the recent time. The Language has evolved a lot over time since its inception, introducing more and more robust functionalities. The PHP Frameworks is the basic platform which allows programmers to develop these complicated websites and applications. The word Frameworks itself defines its purpose. The term is coined by the combination of two words “Frame” & “Work”. The word “Frame” means something which is already developed and the word “work” means the working on already built Frame or design. Hence, it is a tool which allows the web developers to work on a platform that supports faster development cycle with the help of reusability.

The logic of using the frameworks is the reason that the programmers built these sophisticated websites and complex application on regular basis. Without these frameworks, they will be writing the same code every time for every project, which makes the process long. That’s why they use PHP Framework, which enables them to use Code Base and Several libraries for making their work in the most standardized form. Apart from making the work more standardized, reusable, and fast, the Framework also allows enhances the security of low-level sites. It makes the code cleaner and extensible by following the Model View Controller Architecture (MVC), which ensures the separation of Presentation layer and logic. After understanding the purpose of the framework, we will now discuss the 5 best PHP Frameworks, which had taken the development to a whole new level due to multiple features and components.


The PHP Framework Symfony was first published for the first time in 2005 as a free software. The Frameworks is widely liked by programmers and it has wide developer community. The Symfony2 components are used in various projects like Drupal Content Management System. Its components contain several reusable libraries which enable developers to complete several tasks, such as form creation, authentication, routing, and configuration etc.  The Symfony’s Component can be easily installed with the PHP Composer dependency manager.  In short, it is one of the dependable PHP Framework due to its adaptability, modularity and quick documentation features.

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Laravel is also a free and an open source framework for PHP. The first version of the Framework was first released in 2011. It is basically intended widely for the applications which follow the MVC Architecture pattern.  From 2015, there is a sharp growth in Laravel users that’s why as per multiple online surveys, it is the most popular framework of PHP among the community of developers. The Laravel has its own Template engine called “Blade”. Its user-friendly syntax facilitates in the tasks like authentication, queuing, session, restful routing, and caching. These features allow the Laravel to enable Rapid development possible. It has also a local development environment called Homestead. These above mentioned advanced features and excellent documentation of Laravel makes it a popular Framework Choice of a Web Developers.

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The CakePHP is another framework for PHP. It is open source framework which follows the MVC architecture. The CakePHP was first released in 2005 under the MIT license. The CakePHP has managed to maintain its popularity due to its improved modularity and session management. Its unique features have allowed increasing the possibility of creating more standalone libraries. The Built-in Security features of CakePHP, such as input validation, SQL Injection Prevention, Cross Site Scripting Prevention, and CSRF Protection had made it the best choice for the web apps which requires High-level of Security. Due to its excellent showcase, the website of renowned companies like Hyundai and Express are based on CakePHP Framework.

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The lightweight and an open source Framework, Code Igniter is one of the most renowned PHP Framework. Its first public version was released in 2006 by EllisLab. It is known for its easy installation process and minimum configuration. It works both in shared and dedicated hosting platform and it is very popular for avoiding PHP Version Conflicts. The CodeIgniter does not strictly follow the MVC Architecture. It provides the developers a great degree of freedom by enabling them to set own coding and naming conventions. It also provides the feature of adding third-party plugins for adding complex functionalities. The CodeIgniter is popular due to its very small size, usually less than 2MB, and its flexibility. This reason makes it the best choice for the beginners.



Zend Framework

The Zend Framework is considered one of the most stable frameworks of PHP. It is an open source and object-oriented framework, which was first released in 2006. It is best for the large projects because it provides a lot of configuration options to implement complex functionalities. Its updated released version provides various complex features like Cryptographic coding tools, online debugging, PHP Unit Testing tools and support of various front end technologies like CSS, HTML, and Java-script. The Zend framework is the best choice for the sophisticated and complex application which requires a variety of features and lot of customization.