Aug 19 th, 2017
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9 Effective ways to Lose Belly Fat

9 effective ways to lose belly fat

By: Marium Khan,

World Health Organization has published the report in last year that the obesity and overweight kill more than 2.8 Million people each year. The scale of the disease is now epidemic, out of 10 adults, 4 are suffering from overweight. Approximately 57 % people are living in the country where overweight causes more deaths than the underweight. This problem is considered as the root cause of many diseases like Diabetes, Cancer and cardiovascular diseases. The gravity of the situation is so alarming in the developed countries that out of 3 people, one weighs as much as other two. But now it is not only a problem of developed countries. The obesity is rising high in the developing countries, particularly in urban settlements where people readily eat junk food. Despite all of these appalling statistics, Health Specialist emphasize that the disease can be brought under control if one has the commitment to change what he cannot accept.

The Belly fat can be curbed if one addresses the causes of obesity and overweight.  The accumulation of fat around the belly is the unhealthy visceral fat that results from an imbalance between the calories consumed and calories expended. High intake of Carbohydrates foods like Beverages and junk food, inactivity, oversleeping are the main reason behind the excess abdominal fat. However, it can be reduced by taking some measures and avoiding things which are the part of the problem. Here are some tips which answer the question of How to lose belly fat.

Limiting Sugar

limting sugar

High intake of sugar has a strong link with the belly fat accumulation. Sugar contains fructose, which if consumed in excess results in diseases like Diabetes and Obesity. Health Studies suggest that people who have high belly fat consume 25% more calories in their diet as Sugar or Fructose. It disturbs the metabolic health system and results in the increase liver fat and belly fat, which causes insulin resistance problems. The practice of sweetening the juices and tea by adding sugar increases the chances of obesity. It is worthwhile to mention that even the healthier sugar like honey should not be taken in excess. Most of the sugar are marketed as Healthy Sugar in the grocery stores, which is a smokescreen. Reducing the sugar from the diet is the key to control the obesity because it will reduce the extra fat which is not consumed by your body.


Say No to Beverages

say no to beverages

Beverages are the part of your sugar reduction drive. Beverages and juices contain liquid sugar which is more harmful to obese people. It is estimated that 33% of sugar intakes in the body of obese people come from soft drinks. Soft Drinks are not treated as the solid calories by human brains. So each time one drinks these drinks it results in not only in adding more calories in their body in a very short duration of time but it also induces more hunger. That’s why the Soda is termed as Tobacco of the 21st Century. If you have high belly fat you should keep yourself away from these Beverages.


Fiber Intake

Fiber Intake

Fiber is one the foremost things which are helpful for controlling belly fat. It should be kept in mind that not all the fibers are effective for reducing fat. Only soluble fibers are effective. Eating Soluble Fiber results in the formation of gel in the body that slowdowns the flow of food to the digestive system, which in turns results in low absorption of calories by slowing down the digestion process in the body. This phenomenon makes you feel less hungry by stabilizing hunger hormones as well as reducing the belly fat.

Studies on 1100 adults suggest that for every 10g of fiber intake, the abdominal fat reduces by 3.7% over a period of 5 years. Another review study found that the 14g of fiber intake in a single day results in 10% less absorption of calories and loss of 2kg Weight over a period of four months.

The source of increasing fiber in the body is eating a lot of vegetables and fruits. Legumes and oats also contain fiber. One can also try Galactomannan, which is proved to be a most effective dietary fiber in reducing weight loss.


Avoid Trans fats

Trans Fats

One of most renowned practice for reducing the fat in the belly is avoiding the unhealthy processed or packaged food. These products contain Trans Fats thereby increasing weight as well as increasing the chances of getting heart diseases, inflammation, and insulin resistance. Studies on animal suggest that the 8% high intake of food containing Trans fats results in 33% gain of fat in the bellies of animals. Before taking any packaged food, obese individuals must read the ingredients of the products. Trans Fats are labeled as “Partially hydrogenated” and these foods must be avoided to reduce belly fat.


High Protein Diet

high protien diet

The adequate amount of protein in the body is essential for controlling the weight and belly fat. The people who eat diets with more protein tends to have less belly fat than the people who take less protein diet. The Human body produces more insulin as one grows. It promotes fat storage, especially around the belly. Getting high protein diet helps against Insulin resistance.

The Protein intake also releases fullness hormones PYY, which increases the metabolic rate, make you feel less hungry while reducing weight and retaining muscle mass. One of the effective ways of increasing protein level is cooking the food in coconut oil. Studies suggest that the intake of 2 table spoon of coconut in the body consistently, reduces the belly fat in a gradual manner. The High Protein diet like egg, fish, and meat must be included in the diet if one wants to reduce the belly fat effectively.


Add Vinegar


Adding vinegar to the diet helps in a lower level of sugar in the blood. Vinegar contains a compound called acetic acid that helps in producing a protein which burns the calories and fat in the human body. Studies suggest obese people who take 2 tablespoons of Vinegar in a day for eight weeks have impressive health benefits by showing the decrease in the fat level.


Drink Green Tea

green tea

The Green Tea is also very helpful for reduction of belly fat. Green tea contains caffeine and antioxidant Catechin, which helps in boosting metabolism. Green tea when coupled with exercise is proved to be most effective way of reducing weight. Studies suggest that the people who exercise and as well as drink Green tea tend to lose more abdominal fat than the people who only do exercise.


Balanced Sleep

balanced sleep

The imbalance in the sleep also causes the increase in weight. Sleep time should not be too long and it also should not be too short. According to the studies of Wake Forest University studies people who sleep less than 5 hours in a day are most likely to gain significant weight due to increase in the level of Visceral fats. The Condition of Apnea, in which breathing stops in the middle of sleep is also related to increased visceral fat in the body.

In the wake of increasing the short duration of sleep, it should be kept in mind that oversleeping also causes high belly fat. The most renowned 7-8 hour sleep which we hear from our elders is the ideal one.

In addition to ideal sleep duration, quality sleep matters a lot. Quality sleep includes the timing of getting sleep. The Brigham Young University studies suggest that the people who get up and go to bed at the same timing have less level of fats in the body than the people who have disturbed routine because this routine causes your body to secrete hormones like Cortisol which is also called stress hormones. It results in increase stress level and it helps in accumulating the fat in the body, especially near abdominal region.


Change the Inactivity with Exercises

There is an old saying that the best thing you can do for avoiding the diseases and living a long life is to exercise regularly. This fact is the more than truth for effectively reducing the belly fat. Sitting idle is harmful to both physical and mental health of the human. Inactive people tend to gain obesity much likely than the people who engage themselves in any activity. A survey from 1988-2010 shows that the inactivity is increasing every year and the trend are much similar to obesity and overweight-ness. Studies show that the women who watch TV more than three hours in a single day have much obesity and belly fat than the women who watch less TV. There are also case studies which exhibit that some people have regained belly fat after losing weight due to their inactive routine. These facts imply that Exercises are not only pivotal for losing weight but it is also mandatory for weight maintenance.

The aerobic exercises are the most effective form of removing the visceral fat in the body. Aerobic exercises include swimming, walking, running and bicycling. According to the studies of Duke University, belly fat can be easily removed by regularly jogging 12 miles in a week.

The 21st century has brought many facilities at the disposal of the people. Smart phones, laptops, the internet and social media has made everything easy for the humans. But unfortunately, this easiness came from the high price, i.e. changing the way we eat, the way we travel, the way we live our life. All these factors had contributed to the increase of obesity and overweight-ness. The only way forward in living the healthy life is to maintain the proper balance by doing regular exercises, adequate sleep and keeping a balanced diet.

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