About Us

It was during the final year project of computer science at university when Qasim and a bunch of other group members thought of creating this platform. The idea came up when they were facing difficulties during the project. The goal was to build a platform, specifically for programmers, that provides solutions to problems in a short period of time. They named their website search4Best. It formally went live in 2016. 

Though it was a great purpose, the execution of things wasn’t carried out as planned. Unfortunately, there was no significant progress. Over time, the team dispersed and went their own separate paths.

Qasim has gained a lot of professional experience working with different companies during this time and enhanced his skills. With a new partner, he sees many prospects for Search4Best. With her proficiency in writing and producing fresh content, along with Qasim’s dedication, Search4best is returning after a break of 2 years.

From now on, we aim to provide our readers with content related to: 

  • Technology
  • Mobile Reviews
  • How To’s

Our readers will remain in touch with technology and be well-informed about the latest mobile reviews. The ‘how to’ section will provide them with the updated and best pieces to things they want to learn.

With the passage of time, we hope to add more sections to our website and welcome new members to the team who bring their own spark.