Sep 20 th, 2017
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Is WWE fake or not?

Is WWE fake?

By: Marium Khan,

The people prefer to enjoy their leisure time by various methods, like traveling, watching movies, hanging out with friends, and watching various shows on television etc. The Wrestling is one of those programs through which people get entertainment. Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment WWE is the most renowned company in the wrestling entertainment industry.  It has a very large base of fan following, especially it is widely viewed and popular among children. Some Adults also follow the wrestling but they have usually totally different perspective regarding the WWE and the one question is continually debated among the people, especially between those who watch and don’t watch the wrestling. I.e. is WWE fake? Here we will discuss the answer to the question from various aspects and angles.

One cannot claim categorically that the wrestling in the WWE ring is really fake or it is original. Actually, it totally depends on the perspective of the viewer. It is fake in a sense that everything is scripted all along. Meanwhile, it is real in a sense that those wrestlers are very strong physically and their performance involves meticulous training and great risk.

Wrestling fans like children view the matches as the player of the match are angry on each other and they are settling the score by fighting each other in a real sense. To these WWE fans sorry to write, the WWE matches or fights are not real fights in which people hit each other with punches, kicks, chairs, and clubs like in a street fight. In fact, wrestling fights are trained performance and almost every moves in the match is predetermined or scripted from start to an end. The entry of any player, match duration, fighting moves, Chair & table shots, submission moves and even the moves of the referee are all pre-planned.

One might get the idea by deliberating on the timing of matches. The duration of all WWE wrestling matches is on average either 5min, 15min or 25min. The 5min matches involve those characters who are relatively new and they have not a very good fan following. The wrestlers who have an average popularity get the time slot of 15 minutes. Whereas, the matches which are 25min or more in the duration involves those wrestlers who are very popular and wide fan following among the public, like John Cena and Undertaker. These are the performers who sell each other in an effective manner. These reasons help are evident that the WWE matches and their moves are scripted.

The fighting in a WWE match is also designed and predetermined in nature. The players hint to the other player about the next move and blow they will get or receive by multiple spot signals. If the moves are potentially dangerous, then the second player helps the first player by assisting move. One example is the high-flying moves, which might hit the target if it is not signaled before the move is done. By getting the signal the other play raises the arms and the body to catch the second player. The second example is that players protect each other in the moves. Those players who have large bodies and weight, they lay on the top of other wrestlers in any moves in such a way that their weights are not fully put on the second wrestlers. The chock-slam is another example which requires the receiving players to bend his knees and legs off the ground a bit. Any smart and sharp minded individual can easily spot that signs while watching these matches.

The people view referee as a neutral person in the matches. By Contrast, the referee is an active participator in the story which is performed in the ring. He keeps track of the time, and he also communicates with the wrestlers and assists in the overall story. He keeps track that the all story is according to the script, and he has the authority to suspend the match if the thing gets wrong during the match like any player might get a serious injury during the match.

It is clear from the aforementioned facts that the question about the reality or fakeness of WWE game solely depends upon the perspective of the viewer. The people who watch the wrestling considering that the real fight is going on, then the answer is a big NO. Almost everything in the ring is scripted. On the other hand, the people who view the matches by knowing that the wrestling matches involve physically strong people performing the moves which really involves danger and sometimes death, then the WWE is real. These people know that the players are performing on the rings as the actor performs in the theatre, and only those players get the popularity who sell oneself good in the presentation.

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