E-Commerce Industry in Pakistan

Is E-Commerce Industry in Pakistan rapidly growing? Or should i start a Shopping Website? I am little bit confused about e-commerce in pakistan

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Information Technology Industry is rapidly growing in Pakistan. Pakistan is on the top of 10 countries who’s Information Technology Industry is growing fast. That’s the reason E-Commerce Industry is growing rapidly in Pakistan. E-Commerce trends started in Pakistan since 2011, when Daraz.pk introduced new trends in Pakistan. According to Media Prediction Pakistan’s E-commerce industry will touch 2 Billion Dollars by 2020.

Black Friday was started by Daraz.pk in November 2015 for the 1st time in Pakistan and now the sale of black friday is much bigger then before. Daraz & Kaymu’s revenue beat Rs 1 Billion during Black Friday, Yayvo.com outspace 60,000 orders. and other small groups like HomeShopping, Shophive, Symbios have a little better sale.

Overall Market Size of E-Commerce in Pakistan:

Category 1 Stores: E-Commerce in Pakistan are Categorized in to 2 Layers. Daraz, Kaymu, Yayvo, holds the 1st category and the HomeShopping is trying to compete with them.

Category 2 Stores: There are a large amount of small scale stores that are working hard and trying to make a mark in 1st category.

Newly Born E-Commerce Website:
I have visited a bulk of  shopping websites to get aware of the business strategies they are using and i was really impressed when i logged in to 24bazar.pk. I also visited there facebook page where i saw a lot of potential and hard work. There customer reviews are few but all are praising 24bazar.pk and giving positive feedback. I believe that one day they would enter in Category 1. 

JackMa Answered on July 13, 2017.
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