How to Increase Traffic for Website?


I own an online shopping website for customized T-Shirts and Mugs printing but i am not aware regarding increment of traffic for my website. Can anyone help me?

Hassam Asked on August 7, 2017 in Internet.
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By Syeda Kishwar Fatima:

If you own a website and you want to do a remarkable business through it, your first wish would be to have more and more customers or have huge number of traffic (visitors) on your website!

But how to increase website visitors?

There are many ways to increase traffic on your website but in this article, we’re going to look at few of them.
1. Do social media advertisement:

Advertising you website is an excellent way of attracting your visitors! Also it’s the way to Increased Brand Awareness, Improved Search Engine Rankings and Better Customer Satisfaction. As it will not be enough to just create you content and hope people will find it, you have to promote your content on social media channels too.

There are many tips for social media marketing but there are few examples of them.
> Promote your content, blogs, offers, achievements etc. regularly on all kind of social Medias.

> Try YouTube video Ads.

> To attract lead visitors try facebook Offers. These Offers are promoted in the news feed causing more engagement than ads in the right-hand column on Facebook. If user clicks on this offer, facebook sent an email to user’s personal email account, these means now you can approach that interested user on email boxes too. When they open email they can see a link to your website.

> Use social media to engage users with your email subscribers. Ask the people to be your email subscriber, guarantee them that by subscribing they will be able to see quality and best material, properly show them their benefits too. Now it’s up to you how you make them subscribe your emails.

> Create you company page on LinkedIn too, as its not only a best way to do more marketing for your business, but also an excellent way to reach your target market on LinkedIn too.


2. Make your content appealing to visitors:
You have to make your content as appealing as possible to different kind of visitors. As if the content is not appealing for you users, they will start losing hope and trust in you website and consequently you will lose your visitors!
There are many tips to make your content Irresistible we are discussing few of them.

> Before writing think hard what you want to convey, what your purpose behind it and how you want to make impact on your user.

> Try to make a complete structure of your content.

>Vary the length and format of your content, Do news-based blog posts, Write Irresistible Headlines as they’re ridiculously important.

> Try to make a real life case to influence how much you are right about what you are saying.

> Try to put your content in different formats. e.g.  Have visual representation, creating an infographic or slide share presentation, data-driven pieces etc.

> Write so incredible completely, valuable and remarkable that people get compelled to share it and start visiting your website to have some more stuff like this to read .

> Only publish when you are sure that your content is worthwhile to share.


3. Pay Attention to SEO Writing:
You have to pay complete attention to SEO writing to make your site look as good as possible for search engine robots. Spending time on your site’s SEO optimization is always time well spent.

There are many benefits of SEO optimization of your website like it Increases Exposure & Brand Awareness, Rank you up on search engine, Increase Website Traffic, Cost Effective Marketing, Increases site usability etc.

There are many Tips to write SEO-friendly, here are few of them!
> Define your goals first! Consider your audience.

> Write about something people care about!

> Make a complete list of all the key phrases and keywords related to your content.\

> Use those keywords and phrases effectively to make a great influence on your audience about your idea.

> Include hyperlinks in the article relevant to your topic

> Use YOAST SEO plugins. There are many benefits of using it like it allows to formulate a Meta description, analyzes the text you write, tells readability of your content by calculating a Flesch reading ease score, checks the need of your keywords in 5 important locations(heading, title, URL, content of web and meta-description),checks presence of links and images in web content, calculate number of words and usage density of  focus keywords etc.


4. Make your Website Responsive and Fast:
If your website Design is fast and responsive it will grab more attention of your users. It will make your website accessible and comfortably viewable across a range of devices. There are many advantages of fast and responsive website page design like It ensures Super flexibility across all devices, excellent user experience, Cost effectiveness, Efficiency, Faster Webpages, Improved SEO, Higher rankings in google search, lower management and maintenance need.

5. Make yourself active on Social Media and Comments section:
It’s not enough to share your website contents, actually you just have to actively response and participate in all social media communities. You have to actively response in your comments sections of all social Medias accounts, especially of your website as if people comments on your website they need an intensive and fast response. Answer that questions and engage with your readers.

It is just the quickest way of interacting with your fans and grabbing their more intentions for future too.

6. Never froget to check your Competitors:

Always do analyze your competitors to identify the current and potential competition you are going to face. Do focus what your audience wants and what your competitors conveying, analyze competitor’s strengths and weaknesses. Learn from their strengths and make sure to adapt it in better way. Know their weaknesses and make strategies to not have that weak points in your website.

Use software like BuzzSumo check out your competitors. It tells about the social performance and content of specific sites with at-a-glance view of what topics are attracting readers and most importantly, making the rounds on social media.


These are my tips for you increase your website traffic! Hope you find it useful and amazing! Good Luck!


Sophia92 Answered on August 7, 2017.
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