Sep 13 th, 2017
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Robots and Humans: Who’s the Master?

By: Komal Tahir,

We can easily distinguish between robots and humans; there is nothing complicated to do that. However, as time is passing by and new technology is getting introduced, if we install artificial intelligence software in robots and make them wear human clothes, then there is a huge chance, that people will get confused and won’t be able to tell if it is a robot. Due to artificial intelligence, robots can do and act like humans. As science and technology are getting improved every day, technicians have developed modern software, which they install and store in the memory chips or robots, which allows them to do all human-like tasks. Due to the advanced technology, humans can easily interact with robots and tell them, which task to do. Robots have many buttons on them, which when pushed, instructs them to do certain tasks. Whenever humans find a work which is taking a lot of time and energy to do, the technicians start planning of making a new robot for this purpose so the robot can do all the necessary tasks of humans without time consumption. Robots can easily be recharged by electrical means.

What is a Robot?

What is a robot? A robot is also known as droid and is a machine with which we can do a lot of tasks in just seconds. By installing different software and saving them in the robot’s memory chip, we can teach it many actions. Robots work just as they are programmed to work. Different kinds of robots do various types of activities. These actions depend upon what kind of intents technicians assign them. A robot can perform various operations on its own without any directions or instructions.

Robots and Humans

In some way, robots and humans, are both depending upon each other. People need robots for their daily use from making coffee to driving a car; everything involves machines. We don’t walk now to go to places; we simply use our cars. Humans have so many different kitchen machines requiring blenders, mixers, etc. However, many years ago women didn’t use all these machines in their kitchen and did everything on their own. Doing all the work by yourself takes a lot of time and energy. Robots are a great gift to humans. Without these robots, humans can’t survive now. With the advent of modern technology, everything now involves machines.

robots vs humans

Why do Humans need Robots?

There is no doubt in this thing that humans have become very dependable on robots. Our daily life involves using so many machines that we can’t even count them. From coffee maker to washing machine, we use machines all the time. Humans need robots, as they help them in doing so many tasks easily in such a short amount of time.

Robots are also used on a large scale. Robots can be used in factories instead of people for so many reasons because these robots can do the work of more than 1000 workers in a factory, in lesser time. It is also a negative aspect of modern technology. There is a huge concern regarding the unemployment of people due to these robots. People are now worried, that as robots have become so important and play a huge role in factories and are being used in a large number, more workers are getting unemployed. As people in business are coming across these robots and getting to know about their features, they have started to become dependable on them. Nowadays, you can see more robots in a factory than humans.

Apart from using robots in factories and homes, robots are also used for many other important reasons. Robots can also be used for surgical operations and can save so many lives.

Difference between Robots and Humans

Humans are mortal and have to die one day, but robots cannot die unless of course, their battery dies. But the good thing about robots is that they can be recharged. Also, if a robot is having some issues, it can be repaired and made usable again. But if a human die, then he cannot come back to life. People created robots and can bring them back to life by repairing them, but once a person dies, no modern technology or robot can get him back to life again. There is another huge difference between robots and humans, which is social activities. Humans are very social creatures and can engage themselves in many social activities, whereas robots cannot do so. It proves the superiority of humans over robots.

Last Words:

Even though people depend on robots a lot, but it does not mean that these robots are superior to humans. There is still not a single robot in the whole world, which can match up to the brain in human beings. People made robots, not the other way around. We should keep this thing in our minds, that if we can create a robot, then we can destroy it too.