Important Guidelines before writing an Article:

These Guidelines will help you understand what we accept and what we don’t accept for inclusion in our article database. Before writing articles we would appreciate if you would please read this page first.

As per our commitment for making article writing a fruitful platform, we have designed some outline to better serve our authors and users.

To be qualified for publication on, you must apply these guidelines:

  1. The higher the quality, the more positive the user experience.
  2. Original and informative articles are the base for positive reader experience.
  3. All content that is published on must be 100% owned by you.
  4. What actually is “Informative Content”?? ; The written material that offers techniques, tips, strategies, opinions, case studies, analysis, or commentary on topics. The content must provide real value to your reader beyond common sense tips and general information.
  5. Each Article must provide new content that is not discussed in your previous articles.
  6. A positive user experience can only be obtained when your priority is to deliver quality, original content in your articles.
  7. Must have proper English that includes; proper spellings, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and sentence structure.
  8. All articles must be in a manner that allows for easy understanding. This encourages readers to read out your other articles.
  9. Easy to read and visually attractive articles are the best way to deliver information to readers.
  10. Bulleted or numbered lists must be aligned properly to look neat and orderly.
  11. Use Long-tail keyword phrases instead of short keywords in your article title and body which will help attract readers and is an important article marketing strategy.
  12. Ensure that no part of your article cuts off abruptly. Incomplete thoughts and unfinished sentences will make your reader confused.
  13. To prevent the error mentioned in previous point, re-read the article before submission.
  14. Articles with incomplete sentences or paragraphs would not be accepted.
  15. As is committed to provide unique article content to its users and UNIQUE means each article must belong to “Only ONE author or co-author” and NOT belong to multiple parties.
  16. Your article must not be written as a press release or a news article because: A press release or a news article promotes a specific event, product, or person and typically contains time-sensitive information. This type of articles are time-sensitive and are outdated quickly.
  1. Ideal articles are evergreen. They provide valuable information to readers for years to come.
  2. Your article must not contain self-serving or promotional content in the article title, body, or summary.
  3. Your article must not contain Negative Content towards any product, company, person, or group. This includes articles containing religious and racial in-tolerance, hate oriented discussion, or content advocating against any product, company, person, or group.
  4. Your article must not contain Profanity or Pornographic Material; Any article that contain sexually explicit material that is not educational are prohibited. Do not link to an adult website that has pornographic images including images of sex toys.
  1. Your article must not contain Illegal or overly controversial content. We will not accept content to be determined overly controversial, having a questionable legal status, or anything non-consistent with the nature of the website. Articles containing content relating to the following topics will not be accepted:
  •           Black Hat Hacking.
  •           Cracking/Unlocking Cellphones.
  •           Bomb Creation.
  •           Support for Terrorism or Religious Extremism.
  •           Illegal drugs or Drugs equipment.
  •           Steroid use or Encouragement.
  •           Weapons/Firearms/Ammunition.
  •           Violation of Laws.
  •           Hard Alcohol or Tobacco related products.
  •           Online Gambling.
  •           Encouragement of High Yield Investment Programs or Ponzi Schemes.

22.  Your article must be of minimum 700 words for Evaluation Test.

I hope that you had gone through these guidelines and all the points would be kept in your mind before initiating an article.

Warm Regards,